Sunday Brunch

"A Sunday brunch well spent brings a week of content"

So true but the content feeling can sometimes last more than a week...

Delicious food & coffee

I must confess, I really love to do brunch! Some of my experiences have been share on this blog - like the time I spent a lovely Sunday on a vintage brunch or that time I gathered with some lovely bloggers to have a nice brunch experience at a cute dinner.

Well, in honor of this great type of gathering, I recently got together with one of my sisters and a couple a dear friends of mine. We gathered on the 1st Sunday of 2020 to have our 1st brunch of the New Year - very special brunch!

It was a brunch at my friend's home. A simple yet intimate brunch with some delicious Reina Pepiada Arepas - typical from Venezuela - and some homemade coffee. A meeting that was really worthy of the beginning of a New Year since it was a brunch full of real talk, nice expectations, full of memories, and many laughs. But what got me the most is that we also spoke of personal projects and some possible ideas that will take place this year.

A New Year beginning with a simple yet cozy brunch full of laughs and hopes for the best is definitely a great way to begin and be motivated for what lays ahead.