A Brunch Experience

A Sunday brunch well spent brings a week of content

Brunch - oh lovely 😍 meal - that yummy meal 🍛 taken late in the morning that brings certain joy to our weekend. There is something unique 😎 about this unique meal that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch. It's normally a meal taken on a Sunday, but it is always good to be a bit wild and have this meal any day between Monday and Saturday.

A few Saturdays ago, I went to a new diner with some friends. A nice little diner located in Pembroke Pines called The Metro Diner (part of a restaurant chain). It is a nice diner that serves classic American breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch.

My first impression? a small place with a warm atmosphere. It does have a cozy, heart-warming vibe to it that it truly invites you to join in and eat joyfully.

The food? Every time a waiter would pass by with a different dish, it look very delicious and it smell really good. So, since it was a brunch get together, we all went for a different brunch dish. 

I had an unique dish - I ordered the San Francisco Eggs Benedict with a side of hush browns. I've had Benedict Eggs before that were kind of OK, but there was something about this twist on this classic dish that got me curious.

The first thing that attracted me to this dish was the fact that it comes with some avocado. Lately I've had a foodie fascination with avocado! The rest of the ingredients were just the right combination. This was really a great twist on your Eggs Benedict meal. I really recommend this dish when you visit this diner.

My friends had some other classic brunch dishes. They seemed to enjoy it. Overall, the food was really good. 

It was a nice Saturday brunch. The food was great, the service was good - even though the place was busy - and the diner's atmosphere was cozy & heart warming. I can say I left very content and I am willing to go back for some more meals.