Snack Attack!

Eat snacks while looking for a better snack - Janet Gwen

Oh Snack!
      ↳ That small-size food that we can eat between meals. Some of them are packaged snack foods, others can be processed foods (and probably a bit unhealthy), while others are as natural as a bowl of fresh fruits.

   On this time of quarantine, snacks have become an essential part of our Stay At Home routine due to its portable, quick, and satisfying design. I myself have a variety of snacks here at home ↦ from fruits to whole grain chips to some chocolates and cookies (to satisfy the sweet tooth once in a while).

  Recently I went around asking a few foodies what their favorite snacks were. I had some interesting answers that surely made me a bit hungry.

   One foodie'stop 3 snacks were Cheetos (very cheesy snacks), Haribo Cola Gummies, and Peanut M&M's chocolate candies. This is a very yummy combination of sweet & cheesy flavors.

   Another foodie's choices were sunflower seeds, Pringle's chips, and moose cheesecake. A very good list but it got my mind stuck on a moose cheesecake; something to surely satisfy my sweet tooth!

   One last foodie shared a healthy snack list. He told me he liked salted peanuts, pistachios, and popcorn. A very balanced & healthy list that got me thinking on other healthy snacks I should try in order to replace some of the unhealthy snack choices.

   So many choices when looking for a better snack, it's hard to decide which ones to buy and try out on a limited, healthy way. What do you recommend? I hope to see your choices below and start a virtual conversation...


  1. I am a Chocoholic myself LOL so I do love a good chocolate once in a while. I am also trying to get a few healthy snacks here & there, like peanuts and popcorn and even fruits.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback, Bexa. Really got me motivated into getting those healthy choices.

    Be safe! And snack away the proper way!!!

  2. How interesting! My favorite snack is any type of nuts mixed with chocolate or blueberries covered in chocolate. 😋

    1. Hi Jenny, nuts mixed with chocolate is a good snack option. The blueberries covered in chocolate sound even better ;)

      Thanks for sharing your Snack Attack options!!!

  3. A mi me encantan los frutos secos y la fruta, así que los combino para crear mis propios snacks

    1. Hola ;)

      No soy de muchas frutas o frutos secos pero estoy tratando de incorporarlos en mi Snack Attack options jejeje. Por cierto, los snacks hechos en casa son muy sabrosos.

      Gracias por compartir tu Snack Attack options!!!

  4. Lately my go to snack is sharp cheddar cheese! But I do indulge in lots of Haribooooo :)

    1. Yum! I love cheese, so a sharp cheddar cheese snack is always good. Thanks for sharing your Snack Attack option, Taty!


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