Sunday Vintage Brunch

Love to Brunch!

So this past Sunday had lots of fun having brunch with a great group of people. These are the Pin-up Ladies & Greasers from Pinned South Florida – a very unique rockabilly pinup community here in South Florida. Every 1st Sunday of the month they held up a brunch at Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub – a modern Irish place located in Downtown Hollywood Beach. I was invited by the cool Miss Pin-up Miami aka Jennifer.

I must confess I had a great time at the restaurant. In regards to the retro company, I must say that the Pin-up Ladies & Greasers were really friendly and loved their vintage looks. In regards to the restaurant, the waitress was really friendly and the service, overall, was very efficient. The food was great, with a variety of Irish dishes plus a few comfort foods with an Irish twist. The vibe inside and out the restaurant is just modern and very Irish.

To my surprise, there was a car show just in front of the restaurant. As a matter of fact, the show stretched out through 2 blocks in Downtown Hollywood Beach. This was the Dream Car Classic event, which also takes place every 1st Sunday of the month and it's organized by Cobra Joe Productions (Florida-based organizer). From vintage cars to very modern models, it was a wonderful eyesight and I loved the way all the car owners would talk about the cars in display.

This was really a Sunday Funday! From a wonderful brunch with beautiful pin-up ladies & greasers (very vintage but lovely group) to some cool dudes displaying their very awesome cars. It was a foodie fun day.

What a day to remember!