Love Chocolate...

"Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself." - quote by Sonja Blumenthal

As I stepped int a café area at a local Barnes and Noble bookstore thinking of what coffee to drink, I noticed a small but very colorful item. The shiny gold color and bold letters caught my attention right away. As I took a better look, one phrase really caught my attention even more: Venezuelan Dark Chocolate!

I took a small yet unique bar and read the whole printing: Willie's Cacao - Las Trincheras Gold, Venezuelan Dark Chocolate. As I further checked this bar out, it had a very appetizing description: 72% dark chocolate with a nutty flavor -- something that really got me interested to try out since I am a chocoholic with a sweet tooth for dark chocolate.

As I unwrapped the chocolate, I felt for a moment that I was receiving a golden ticket from Willie Wonka. A small & yummy prize! A childhood moment came to life...

I took a piece! The smell of the chocolate was powerful yet tentative. A very delicious smell that all chocolate fans can really enjoy. And the taste? It was really nutty and chocolaty but not overpowering nor bitter. Surely nutty with a slight sweet chocolate taste.

I highly recommend this chocolate brand. Very unique smell, a delicious taste to it, and - what got me super excited - its is made with a Venezuelan touch.

If you have tried Willie's Cacao before, please share your experience. I would love to read your opinions. If you're a chocoholic just like me, I invite you to check out other chocolate related posts here in my blog; read and share your opinion at:

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    1. Hello, I greatly appreciate your visit and your comment. I hope I can see you more often around this blog and hear more about your favorite food.

      Take care!


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