Easy Waffle Making...

"Waffles are just pancakes with abs"

Oh Waffles! I recently was craving that fluffy yet crispy cousin of the pancake. Since we are in times of staying at home, I had to improvise a bit in order to satisfy that craving.

As I stated on a previous post, I really enjoy cooking even though I'm not a chef. For me, cooking is a process of creating something with love while enjoying each aroma and each detailed taste. My main goal was to put together some amazingly yummy waffles with the simplest instructions & ingredients needed.

First friendly-user ingredient - a package of Birch Benders waffle mix (got the banana paleo diet mix to add a healthy touch to my craving). I had seen some of the Birch Benders products before, so I was really curious to try it out. Plus the user-friendly part of this mix is that you just need to add water and mix. Woohoooo!

Second ingredient - dark chocolate chips. What could you expect from a chocoholic like me? Chocolate is always the magical touch for most dishes.

Third ingredient - some yummy strawberries & bananas to decorate the waffles.
                                                 ↪ again, another attempt to be healthy 😉😉😉

Yummy strawberries & bananas

Last but not least: turkey sausages and turkey "bacon" strips. What delicious waffle brunch meal doesn't include these two side dishes? It would be insane not to include...

Mixed the waffle mix with water and added the chocolate chips to the batter, grilled my turkey side dishes, chopped some fruits, made some coffee with a touch of cinnamon, and ¡voilá! after 30mins or so, I had cooked a wonderful brunch for my family and I had completed my craving.

How did the waffles turn out? If my taste buds could talk, they would still be asking for more. Just delicious with the perfect texture and very easy to make.

If my taste buds could talk...

By the way, this craving & cooking experience couldn't have been a complete success if it wasn't for my cute little waffle maker by Dash® that I bought not too long ago. Love it much!

Are you a waffle lover? Do you have an easy to follow recipe you might share with me? I would love to hear from you, so drop your feedback in the comments section. Let's start a yummy waffle conversation!


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    1. Thanks ;)
      And they really were delicious! I think when you add some love & creativity to your dishes, they come out super delicious.

      I appreciate your comment, Sarah!

  2. We make waffles often but I have never added chocolate chips before...def need to try now :)

    1. You do have to try them with chocolate chips. It will make your inner child happy lol

      Thanks for visiting, Unicorn!


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