Cooking with your Heart

Cooking is an art for some people. It is a leisure activity for others. It is also seen as a profession to which the heart and soul are given. For me it is a hobby that I put a heart to. I think that as a fanatic food enthusiast (better known as Foodie), eating food is not the only thing that should be enjoyed. Getting to cook something really good should be a great complement to this process of food fanatics.

Cooking is a process of creating something with love while enjoying each aroma and each detailed flavor. As you finish the dish, your enthusiastic soul becomes happier.

And although I'm not a chef, I consider myself a great cook. I am constantly learning small details and making simple dishes have given me a feeling of pleasure.

This week I had the chance to cheer my soul. I looked for a way to combine simple and well-known flavors in a healthy way. I was inspired by something healthy and different for my palate. I am looking for ways to make recipes that are delicious and, for the most part, healthy.

And I made a lasagna with eggplants. Oh so healthy treat for me!

I made the sauce with turkey meat, tomatoes and vegetables. I looked for a combination of fresh cheeses with a very tasty flavor. I sliced the eggplants and put them to cook on the griddle. I prepared the sauce naturally. And then I put layer after layer of the eggplants, the sauce, and the tasty cheeses.

Happy about my creation!

Does it provoke you a little?
Do you know of any other vegetarian recipe that is easy and tasty?