Wonderful Gift

"There's nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate" - Linda Grayson, published author of children's books.

Venezuelan Chocolates & Treats
I'm from Venezuela...
I am chocoholic by heart...

So when I get a chance to eat chocolates & other treats from my country, I just get blinded by these treats. A sensation of excitement and some sort of nostalgia comes into my mind when I see them. I get a very blissful sensation when I eat them.

A lot of the sweet treats in Venezuela have to do with chocolate. It has been that way for many years. In Venezuela we have a history with cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate. The Country was a leading cocoa producer at the end of the 18th Century. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by other industries, like for example the Oil Industry.

But the chocolate industry is still important in Venezuela. All kinds of cookies, nuts, and other treats have always been mixed with chocolate. It's a way of eating treats and desserts.

I felt excited to get this gift. It's something that I will enjoy all week long. Something that reminds you of home & that tastes like tradition is always something you will cherish for life.

What treat reminds you of home?