One of Coffee's best friend

Anyone wants coffee now? Almost every moment is good for coffee, even for a cup of decaf. If you love to try coffee with a twist at home, you do need to take care of details such that milk foam.

You will love creating that perfect milk foam for a delicious Caffe Latté or a Café con Leche once you get a hold of the perfect milk frother - one of coffee's best friends.

*** #ad Disclaimer: A kitchen accessory has been sent to me from Zulay's Kitchen to facilitate this post but all opinions and recommendations are my own. 

Zulay's Kitchen
I am a current owner of a Zulay's Kitchen 
milk frother and I couldn't be happier. As I mentioned before, I love creating coffee with a twist - learning how to create the perfect cup of coffee using the best coffee tools. And this milk frother has been a blessing to my coffee world.

Being able to create a rich milk foam for that perfect coffee cup? Just a dreamy sensation!

I received this milk frother and I had to try it right away. First thing that came into mind - what a beautiful and light-weight accessory! That's always a plus for me. Second, very easy to set up and use. Finally, the way this frother whips the milk is just amazing. I was fascinated on how that milk foam rose up and help create a delicious coffee once I had add it to it.

Creamy milk foam

It's a great user-friendly accessory. It does inspire me to create other café con leche cups and other drinks that may need a extra whipping effect.

I am a very happy camper with my new accessory from Zulay's Kitchen. Highly recommended accessory - truly a coffee's best friend.