Coffee Anyone?

"Humanity runs on coffee" - Unknown author

So yesterday, September 29th, was National Coffee Day here in the USA. Although I truly believe that every day is a good day for celebrating this good hot beverage.

Yesterday I truly celebrated this day with a few good cups of coffees on two (2) interesting places that are very different in style but do share a vintage twist to them.

My first stop was at the Brew Urban Cafe near Downtown Fort Lauderdale. It's a hidden coffee shop and parking around is the worst but I must admit the place is great. This is a small coffee shop with an unique style. As soon as you enter the place and walk down the hall, you can see lots of unique pictures, books, and other nick-knacks that give the place a very vintage look.

It has lots of books; it's a small book shop that invites you to reading while enjoying a cup of coffee. Overall, it has a very cool eclectic decor.

I went to meet a friend for an afternoon coffee. When I went to order, all the bakery treats look so good and fresh. Picked a peanut-butter cookie and a great café latte. The treat tasted homemade and the coffee was freshly brewed. I do recommend this place!


During the night, went out to treat my parents to a nice dinner at Havanna 1957 in Pembroke Pines. This is a very good Cuban restaurant chain here in Florida. All the decoration is a flashback to the Cuba of the 1950s.

The vibe at this restaurant is really good. You can feel a bit of Cuba in the ambiance and it gives you a bit of nostalgia of what the country might had been back in the day. The decor is also very vintage, but with a tropical twist to it and all related to the Cuban culture.

The food overall was really good, but I really needed a coffee afterwards to keep celebrating for National Coffee Day. I ordered a Café Cubano - with a side of steamed milk. For those who has had this Cuban expresso knows this is a strong shot of coffee; therefore, some steamed milk was much needed to settle down a bit that coffee kick since I was drinking this at night. I really enjoyed it to the last drop - great taste with a nice kick to it.

What's the best coffee you have tried? let's share some feedback to keep celebrating on and on...