Craving Cheeseburgers!

"Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius" Matthew McConaughey, American Actor.

Delicious Cheeseburger
I love a good hamburger and the french fries are always the greatest side dish for the burger. In my opinion, these two (2) dishes are a must-have combo!

So recently I was craving a great burger with french fries on the side. I didn't want to make them at home and I didn't want to order from your typical fast food place.

As I was browsing the Delivery Dudes website, I remembered that one of my favorite places had a cheese burger (that I haven't tried before) and some yummy french fries that are to die for. The place? the one and only Spatch Peri Peri in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

This is a restaurant that I really love since they have the most delicious spicy chicken dishes and very interesting side orders - like the Peri Loaded Fries!!!

BTW - check out one of the tasty combos I have tried before from this cool restaurant (click on the "tasty combos" link).

Although I always get the chicken dishes or the salads from this restaurant, I was really curious as to trying their beef burgers and ease my craving for hamburgers. And my curiosity was very happy as I tried that cheeseburger (with a side of Peri Loaded Fries). It was sooo delicious!

The meat well done yet juicy; it had the right amount of cheese and veggies (including a great deal of sliced pickles), right amount of that special spicy Peri Peri sauce, and the hamburger bun - Oh Lord! - perfection at its finest. I'm not a bread person, but this bread bun is really good.

And please don't get me started on the Peri Loaded Fries - you have to try them to understand the flavorful obsession I have with them 😆😆😆

After this combo, my hamburger craving was satisfied until next time. There will be a next time pretty soon...

So if you are cruising through Downtown Fort Lauderdale and want a good burger with fries, please visit the restaurant Spatch Peri Peri for a delicious meal.

Peri Loaded Fries

PS: I want to give a shout out to Delivery Dudes - they are making sure their food deliveries are packed the right way and delivered the safest & healthiest way possible.

Spatch Peri Peri delivery


  1. I like the way you described it lol, food looks amazing

    1. Hi Freddy
      I really appreciate your visit and comment. And yes, I try to describe as good as possible since there's no Smell-O-Vision on this website LOL.

      Hope to see you more often here. Take care!!!


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