A tasty combo!

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich" - James Beard.

Last week I had very odd craving: a chicken sandwich with French fries on the side.

Why odd, you may ask? Because I am not a big fan of huge sandwiches that are too big & messy to eat. One of the reasons why I don’t like them it’s because the bread can get super soggy really quick and I just end up eating part of the sandwich while leaving the sogginess behind.
But for some reason I was craving a chicken sandwich – maybe a craving inspired by the latest chicken sandwich battle between two (2) well-known fast food places.

A craving inspired by a subliminal message…

Anyways, I was craving this particular comfort food and wanted to try from an actual restaurant instead of getting it from a fast food place. This is why I looked up one of my favorite places in Downtown Fort Lauderdale: Spatch Peri-Peri Chicken ⇉ a soul satisfying spicy place that definitely has me hooked on.

I ordered The Spatch Sandwich with a side of French Fries...
   ↪ This is delicious grilled chicken with a perfect amount of medium spice Spatch sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles, sweet peppers, and spicy mayo. And the bread? OMG the bread on this sandwich is unbelievable. Thick enough to hold all the spicy yumminess but soft enough to eat without much messiness.

And the best part? No sogginess issues whatsoever!!!

And the French Fries? I can’t leave this sidekick behind. Crunchy, never soggy fries that were just the perfect side order for the delicious sandwich.

Perfect & very yummy french fries

Like I said before, I can eat a sandwich but most of the time I will take a few bites and just end up leaving the bread on the side (due to sogginess). But this delicious Spatch Peri-Peri Chicken Sandwich takes an A+ and beyond. Highly recommend 😎😎😎 your taste buds will thank me!

Call them & support a local business!

Check this restaurant out. Besides this tasty sandwich combo, it serves other wonderful dishes with a fresh twist and a touch of African spices & flavors. Enjoy it to the max!