Fresh Bowls to Eat

When it's fresh, the kitchen always sell ❤

Fresh bowls!

Freshness?!!! A word that I have been using lately when it comes to great tasting food. My taste buds have been craving that fresh, unique taste for a while. That fresh, homemade taste that make you crave healthy dishes for a while - like the ones I enjoyed at Vera Asian during one of my trips to Detroit last year.

Up-close & personal  ✌
Having this in mind, I have had my eyes open for any unique healthy restaurant to try. And luckily enough for me, I came across a cute restaurant three (3) minutes away from where I live →→ Fresh Kitchen (located in Davie, Florida).

I really got curious about this place, so I went with a good friend to check this place out...

This is a place where vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters with a healthy mind can met up and build their own bowl. There is a variety of appetizing veggies, great proteins, and other healthy ingredients along with yummy sauces that are available in there for countless combinations.

My bowl combination included a well-done quinoa, raw spinach, chickpeas with a hint of vinaigrette, avocado, and chicken - bits of barbecue chicken and some bits of almond-crusted chicken. I must confess all the veggies and base ingredients where excellent but the almond-crusted chicken was just awesome.

Must confess I want to try to do the almond-crusted chicken at home. It was nice & crispy, without the need of actual breading and being fried...

Yummy yet healthy treat

By the way, I also celebrated my sweet tooth with a zucchini-based chocolate brownie. Very yummy indeed...

If you're looking for a convenient way to eat healthier every day, I highly recommend Kitchen Fresh. They have personal bowls as well as option for children and they even do catering. Everything is made to be fresh for the day and really delicious for the taste buds.

They have several locations throughout Florida, so be sure to visit one near you!


  1. No se me hubiera ocurrido nunca. Hoy mismo me preparo un fresh bowl para la cena 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Gracias

    1. Hola Noemí, me encanta que mi post te haya inspirado a preparar un fresh bowl. Espero te haya quedado sabroso y saludable.

  2. Que ganas de me han dado de prepararme un fresh bol para comer

    1. Hola Sofía, genial que te inspiraste a preparar un fresh bowl. Espero te haya quedado sabroso y saludable.

  3. Me encantan estas opciones de fresh bowl para la cena con opciones veganas. Gracias

    1. Si, estas opciones veganas son geniales. Poco a poco he estado probando estas opciones y de verdad que son buenas.

      ¡Saludos Yasmari!


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