Fresh Asian Food...

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious." - Ruth Reichl

Life can be so endless delicious, especially when it's homemade, done with such fresh ingredients, and served in a colorful way. And this is exactly what I experienced at Vera Asian during my recent trip.

So I recently had to go to Detroit for a business trip. Part of this trip took me to Royal Oak, a very pretty suburb of Detroit. I never had been to this City, so I didn't know what to expect in regards to good places where to eat and have some fun.

It took me a couple of steps near the office to find Vera Asian restaurant, a small but very colorful Asian restaurant in the area of Royal Oak. I went in, not knowing what to expect, but very eager to find out.

Once I got in, there was a great food smell...

I noticed the food was being prepared as it was ordered. And it was being prepared & cooked right in front of one's noses. That was the great aroma I had sensed when I entered into the restaurant.

I noticed that the restaurant's main vision is: "Inspired by simple. Crafted for freshness". And this is truly what they were delivering with each made-to-order dish they were preparing right before my eyes.

So basically this restaurant offers small Asian bites (like dumplings), sushi rolls, and multiple Asian bowls where you have the choice to create your Asian Dish with a twist or choose from classic dishes, like their General Tso Chicken bowl, where you can ask for a few changes.

I went ahead and asked for the General Tso Chicken with noodles bowl during that first visit...

General Tso Chicken with
some Chili Sauce on the side

I had the option of choosing some of the veggies for the noodles and the option of adding any extra sauces to them. After some minutes, I was served a very delicious dish. The General Tso Chicken was lightly battered and had just the right amount of tasty sauce. The noodles were also fresh and with a perfect combination of veggies and sauces. This dish didn't have an oily or over-empowering fake taste ---> it was really a balance of fresh deliciousness!!!

I must admit that the portion of the bowl was big, so I had some leftovers for dinner or maybe lunch the next day.

Since this was the case, I just to go back the next day to this restaurant and get a shrimp tempura roll to compensate part of my leftover lunch.

This was also very tasty, freshly made, and served in a very colorful way. I was surely happy while eating my lunch on that 2nd day. My tastes buds were really happy during this whole experience, so that's why I highly recommend this Asian restaurant.

One more thing that really captivated my eyes - and my senses in general - was the decoration inside the restaurant. The place had a very modern yet welcoming vibe, everything so clean and full of light. It was just wonderful...

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Life can be so endlessly delicious. And places like Vera Asian surely helped me with this experience. It's an addicting place I must visit once again...