Flashback treat

I recently read a funny quote: "Keep calm and eat a grilled cheese." And so I did...

While visiting a Barnes and Noble bookstore recently, I craved one of their delicious 4-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich (there's like a heavenly hymn on the background every time I mention this sandwich). It was already dinner time, so I just had to order it.

As I sat down with the warm, buttery grilled cheese sandwich, I felt that calm sensation. Not only I felt that - it also made me think of childhood peacefulness and joy.

A flashback treat!

Have you experienced something similar? A comfort food that reminds you of those calm, childhood feelings? 

I don't know if these feelings come from the warmness of the bread that has some sort of magic...
Or maybe that ooey gooey cheese delight that most kids like so much - but there's definitely something about this type of sandwich that makes me (and maybe other people) just go back in time and just be calm for a while.

I just love grilled cheese sandwich! To the point that on April 12th, I will celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich with one delicious sandwich. Get more details on how I honored this day on a previous post titled National Grilled Cheese Day (try not to drool while reading LOL).

Before ending this post, I wonder if anybody else has this same enjoyment for grilled cheese as I do. Maybe you have another comfort food that keeps you calm and it's your favorite flashback treat. Either way - I would love to read your comment below!