National Grilled Cheese Day

I'm always looking for yummy, comfort food. And it's even better when I can try to cook it myself and try it out.

One comfort food I love is grilled cheese sandwich. So gooey, so yummy, so deliciously good. It's a food that brings out the kid inside my soul.

My Grilled Cheese with a Twist...

Today I learned that it was National Grilled Cheese Day. This foodie event is celebrated every year on April 12th here in the USA. So imagine how excited I was to hear this and got a bit created.

There is the very simple grilled cheese sandwich: 2 slices of white, some cheddar cheese, a bit of butter ---> combined & grilled for a while. I love it as simple as this combination...

But today I wanted to do something different; do a grilled cheese sandwich with a twist. I took Multigrain bread, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, spicy mayo and combined everything into a very lovely sandwich. I grilled it on medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes on each side.

It was extra gooey and yummy. The spicy mayo gave it a nice, spicy kick. The chopped cherry tomatoes gave the sandwich a juice touch. Everything together was just blissful.