Unique Learning Experience

"The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn" Nobu Matsuhisa (born March 10th, 1949), Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur.

In some previous posts here, a love and interest for cooking have been shared. I don't consider myself a professional cook but I am always open into learning tips and new dishes. Something I have been eager to learn for a while has been Sushi - the "oh so yummy" Japanese dish.

Recently I heard of this place called TRP Taste - located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I had noticed this very interesting place by pure coincidence and realized it was very close to my job...

Anyways, once I saw the place, I had to check out their website for special food events and other related gatherings. I was fascinated to learn this was a very intimate venue that has great and unique culinary experiences - from interactive dinners to unique cooking experiences where people get to interact and learn to prepare dishes.

I was really happy to learn they were having a sushi event. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity of learning on basic sushi creation - along with great tips on how to get the greatest ingredients in town.

This past Wednesday September 19th they hosted the Roll it up Sushi Class. It was a lovely gathering of a group of 20 people or so that were eager to learn and have some wonderful sushi sampling along the night.

As the chefs explained each step of the way, they would also share certain cultural tips and would also give out suggestions on where to buy the ingredients - like for example, the Foodtown Supermarket in Davie - among other great details.

As Chef Nobu Matsuhisa explains, you do need to watch and learn when preparing sushi. This is how it basically went down that night at TRP Taste. It was a great night of learning, tasting succulent sushi bites like the Dragon Roll & the Spicy Tuna, chatting with great people, and much more.

And at the end of the epic event, I was given a guide with all the steps learned at this class. This will definitely be a great way for me to try out my own sushi creations at home.

My compliments to the chef and the great event team!