Vita Nostra Bakery

"It's all about balancing act between time, temperature and ingredients: That's the art of banking." - Peter Reinhart, American baker, educator & author.

Vita Nostra Bakery is a cute Argentinian bistro bakery I visited recently. And this place definitely offers that art of banking through the homemade baked goods and all the food in general offered here.

I had the chance to eat at this Argentinian bistro bakery. Once I entered the bakery, I could smell a sweet aroma - a combination of aromas from all the sweet Argentine pastries, like the Facturas, and some of the savory Argentine-baked empanadas. Yet these are just a few foods served in this bistro since the menu offers so many other dishes that have that authentic Argentine flavor.

Before ordering a lovely dish, I had to get an appetizer. It was a delicious eggplant vinaigrette along with some bread. It was just incredible.

I had to try the homemade gnocchis. They were made with a delicious white, cheese-based sauce with mushrooms that blended just fine with the gnocchis. This dish is amazing!

Dinner was just great; yet, the after-treats were just awesome. I closed with a special ice cream sandwich covered with a silky dulce de leche sauce and a café con leche.

Remembering everything makes my mouth water again. Must visit this place again with more friends and family.