Cloud Gate aka The Bean (New York)

New York has its unique touristic places and monuments. Yet, it recently took a small-size version of an art monument native to Chicago. The Cloud Gate (famously known as The Bean) from Chicago has a smaller version in New York.


This new “Bean” sculpture is located in the Tribeca area of New York. This New York area is fantastic and the concept of this sculpture is super awesome. The only odd thing I found is that this sculpture is located in a bizarre spot – sort of squeezed into a corner of a building.

On my recent trip to New York, I was excited to see this sculpture. Even though I haven’t been to Chicago, I imagined that the New York one would be located in a plaza and would have a beautiful sight. Instead, it’s squeezed into a building and I can’t appreciate the whole sculpture.

I still liked the sculpture and its modern vibe to the Tribeca area of New York. Yet, I would have loved a better arraignment of this sculpture. I recommend you visit this place and admire it for a little while.

Have you ever visited this small monument? If so, give me your opinion in the comment area of this post. Let's compare notes, please!


  1. It is a wonderful attraction to explore and I am going to explore this place through east coast america.


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