The High Island Vessel Trip

 "One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" - Henry Miller, American novelist.

I love to revisit some known places and experience new things at this destination. One of my favorite destinations is New York City and the areas around it. On my last visit there, I was able to experience a few new tourist attractions.

One great place was The High Line in Manhattan. This is a beautiful Urban park in an elevated section of a deserted railroad. This is a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park that goes from Gansevoort Street to W. 30th Street between Washington St. and 11th Ave.

I had heard of this place but hadn’t imagined how beautiful it was. This is a perfect combination between nature and modern life; it’s a peaceful place inside the railroad jungle of steel. As I walked through the whole 1.45-mile-long park with my relatives, I felt like in another World, fully connected to nature – admiring every detail of the flora & fauna in this area plus the artworks seen along the way.

There are other activities to be done at The High Line. These will be things I will experience next time I go; you can check out The High Line’s official website for more activities and information.

Another great experience was The Little Island, located at Pier 55. This is an artificial island in the Hudson River. This cute little island is a unique green space; it reminded me of Central Park. It’s like a small chunk of Central Park in the middle of the water.

The Little Island is a beautiful park. The landscape area provides a place to picnic and do other park-related activities. It also has an open-space eating area, with 2 small food trucks providing New York-style snacks like pretzels and delicious hot dogs. From what I understand, there will be presentations and educational programs during the week – a whole arraign of activities related to music, dance, comedy and more. I definitely recommend this place.

One more place I wanted to recommend is The Hudson Yard. This is where The Vessel, The Edge, and other awesome attractions are located. I originally visited The Vessel a few years ago, when you were still able to go all the way to the top of The Vessel so you can have a beautiful view of the City and the whole Hudson River.

Nowadays, The Vessel (or the huge cool pineapple, as I like to call it) stands as a beautiful structure, but you can enjoy everything around the Vessel. From an open space lounge area to an awesome mall and the latest attraction called The Edge. There is a lot to do here at the Hudson Yard.

Must re-visit and experience a new way to explore this place