Skip to the Travel Part...

“Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world?” – Unknown

Travel can be an escape. It is food for the mind 🙆 and soul. A great way to escape the routine and travel the world to learn about new cultures and other wonders this World has to offer each of us.

It's also a way to revisit some known places and experience new things at this destination. As a travel fanatic and a bit of a newbie in this field, it is really exciting 🙌 to plan for a new trip so I can experience new things and catch a new vibe on this revisited destination.

My latest trip took me to New York. To be more specific, to the areas of Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. It was a 4-day trip that helped me skip to a place that is adventurous for me. This may sound odd, but this area that doesn't sleep tackles my stress and gets me to a happy place.

As a humble traveling newbie, I had a few ideas about how to plan, organize, and tackle this past trip. Ideas can help me learn more on any upcoming trip & taste more delicious dishes without going crazy on a loaded agenda.

Some of these good ideas are:

  • When visiting a place, locate yourself in a central area - whether you stay at a friend's house or book a hotel room, stay in a place that is centrally located inside the town/city you are visiting. This will give you traveling options inside the area; whether you can walk to a nice restaurant or just take a quick taxi to a significant museum, being centrally located gives you easy access to site seeing areas.
  • Ask friends who are locals to give you a heads-up on some restaurants and other places to visit - this research can give you a more soulful result.
  • When deciding the country/town/city you are traveling to, pick 2 or 3 unusual places to visit - for example, there is no need to assume that New York City only has The Statue of Liberty to hang out at. There are other cool places to do site seeing.
  • Eat typical dishes (and some unusual ones) at restaurants where locals eat - it would be a bummer to be in New York City and eat at McDonald's©'s every day, don't you think? Plus, one of the best things about travels is to find & taste unique dishes that the area offers.
  • Do not overload your agenda - sometimes you want to see everything, but a high quantity of visits can lower the quality of each visit.
  • Think of Transportation: How to Decide which way is the best? - It's very important to consider the perfect type of transportation during a vacation. From my experience in New York City, the best way of going around is by bus and by subway. Buy a Metro Card and keep it with a nice balance so you can go on for a long way. Plus, now most of the buses do take Pay-by-Card options and I even think I saw Apple Pay and other similar App Payment options.
MTA Metro Card
MTA Metro Card

These are some of the ideas I will follow on my next new journey. It will be a way to get out of the routine while learning new cultural things, eating new dishes, getting to know the locals, and just embracing quality moments. I invite you to welcome these ideas and travel away!

I can wait to skip to that part of my life where I get to travel again!