"Real cooking is more about following your heart than following recipes." - Author Unknown

I recently had the chance to taste some yummy sweets. These were made by a talented girl named Carla, who likes to create cakes and other treats by following her heart and adding tons of love and care.

I was able to taste some Latino Holiday treats - Venezuelan treats, to be precise. I had the Torta Negra (a traditional Christmas cake in Venezuela) and it really took me back to holidays at home. In addition, I tried out the Ponche Crema she makes and it was mind-blowing.

BTW - for those you may not know, Ponche Crema can be seen as the Eggnog's long-lost Venezuelan cousin or a very close cousin of the Puerto Rican Coquito 🍹 It's a delicious Holiday treat, indeed.

I really enjoyed these treats - not only are they deliciously homemade, but they are also filled with true love and joy. Check out Luna's Cakes designs soon and enjoy all of the Holiday treats and other goodies there.