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"A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe." - Thomas Keller

As a foodie, I love visiting new places and eating new things. Along with that, I love sharing what I eat to connect with others.

But I also love talking to chefs or all those people that like to cook with a passion. People who do bring soul to each recipe that they prepare. And this was the case this past Thursday when I had the chance to do an IG Live with Rina from Subito Pronto Kitchen - check out the video (in Spanish) by doing click on this link here ­čśÄ­čśÄ­čśÄ

We had an awesome chat filled with laughs, great knowledge of Italian food, tips for people who would love to become cooks/chefs, and lots of cheerful wine. But what I loved the most was learning a bit about her and what lead her into this culinary world.

Rina from Subito Pronto Kitchen

I must say that Rina has a great vibe. She transmits that great vibe and love to the many Italian dishes she creates. On our IG Live chat, she mentioned that Subito Pronto Kitchen was born as a way to cope with her Father's passing recently. Food and cooking united them so much, she wanted to spread that beautiful unity with others. She started making videos with her daughter just for fun - in order to cope with the grief - and she created a very cool YouTube Channel (click this link to visit). But these fun videos lead to cooking challenges and other wonderful culinary projects.

I really had fun chatting with Rina for all the knowledge she shared and all the delicious food tips she provided. And she even had an open invitation for an Italian food tasting challenge, especially for Foodie Fun Fair. This is such a special invite I will be sharing with you soon.

May all the food dishes you create now, be filled with a loving soul indeed.



  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful review. I can't wait to make this food tasting challenge with you as soon as possible! You will confirm my soul is in each recipe. I invite everyone to visit @subitoprontokitchen to learn some Italian Homemade Recipes with Rina

    1. Dear Rina, it was awesome to share this time with you. And yes, I am looking forward for this tasting challenge. It will be great, for sure!!!


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