Foodie Love at Valentine's Day

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" - Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright.

Wishing every foodie a wonderful day on this lovely February 14th - Happy Saint Valentine's Day!!!

Remember this is not only a day to honor someone special with who you share your life. This special day has to start with self-love to begin a positive change all around.

Once self-love is in place, it's also a day to spread the love with friends, family, and even those people around you that may need an extra boost of love in order to make their day brighter.

As this year brings us new ways to celebrate in a healthy way, let's just share this Valentine's Day with simple actions and great food that demonstrate love and appreciation. A home-based picnic, a backyard dinner while watching the sunset, or a delicious heart-shaped pizza paired with a great beer - every detail is fair and unique to share the love that can make a great difference in that person's day (or the group of people who you are sharing this day with).

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Foodies!