Pink October 2020

“Once I overcame breast cancer, I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.” – Melissa Etheridge (American singer)

I usually have this blog space for details related to food, any fun events where I try new dishes, or any other detail related to food. But today, October 19, I wanted to share something beyond a foodie or fun theme; it is a health issue. 

And it is that today is celebrated the International Day of the Fight against Breast Cancer.

Original Photo by Angiola Harry on Unsplash

Both men and women can suffer from this disease. Nobody can just think they won't get it.

Love life!

Touch yourself and go for regular medical check-ups, since prevention is the best treatment. I must admit I have done my proper check-up this year, just to be on the safe side. Also, get extra information from some of these websites that can provide information and any medical updates.

If you know anybody who is glorious breast cancer survivor that would like to share his/her experience, I encourage him/her to leave a comment below (if possible). Talking from experience and informing others is also a good way to raise awareness.


  1. Siempre hay que estar alerta frente a esta enfermedad y es muy conveniente hacer chequeos médicos rutinarios para prevenir males mayores

    1. Si Sofía, si que hay que estar pendiente con los chequeos médicos rutinarios. I wish you good health.

  2. Thanks leyéndote me doy cuenta que tengo que hacerme un chequeo yaa , aveces dejamos pasar cosas tan importantes como esta

    1. You're welcome! Y me parece genial que este post te haya servido de recordatorio para tus chequeos. Eso me confirma que mi propósito de informar se ha cumplido.

      I wish you good health.


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