Sweets that make you happy!

A few days ago, some foodies across the country were celebration National Donut Day. A very yummy celebration, indeed.

Ever since that day, I have been craving a great donut. This is a sweet that always makes me happy and I am sure others do get happy too when having such a delicious treat.

I wanted to try a donut from one of my favorite places – Mojo Donuts. Their stores are a bit too far from where I work, but I recently learned that a local coffee shop is offering these delicious donuts. This place is Circle House Coffee – located near Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

BTW - I want to go to this coffee shop soon. From what I heard, it has a very unique vibe to it and all the coffees & food are really delicious!

Ordered a cafe latté and a Nutella Crème Brûlée Donut through a delivery app (since I was a bit swamp at work and couldn’t get out). Once delivered, I had the most amazing afternoon sweet treat combination: a great cup of coffee and a delicious donut.

The coffee was delicious & it helped me wake up in order to continue my work. And the Nutella Crème Brûlée Donut? It’s just a delicious, full of Nutella cream sensation. It really made my afternoon much happier.

Have you tried these unique Mojo Donuts and the delicious coffee from Circle House Coffee? Share your experiences on the comments below…