Fresh Delight at The Beach Grille

Eating by the Sea, by the beautiful Sea, has been a delight for me. Having fresh food while having a connection with nature is just amazing for me. So when it came to going out for a stroll, after quite some time, the Beach was the 1st option in order to experience that delightful connection.

This new outing took me and my family to visit Pompano Beach - here in South Florida. It was a sunny Saturday, perfect to enjoy the breeze and great vibes that the beach has to offer.

These beach vibes lead us to a cute restaurant near the boardwalk. A friendly place called The Beach Grille - located exactly at 3414 East Atlantic Blvd. I can only describe this restaurant as a casual place very close to the beach. The place, in general, is very inviting and with a great beach vibe.

I saw it offers mainly American and Mexican food. They have a nice menu with a variety of dishes at affordable prices - great for an outing that won't break your budget.

We ordered some Mexican Shrimp Tostadas and a Grilled Mahi Mahi with white rice and mix greens salad on the side. The tostadas were just perfect; very crunchy tortilla and a nice yet well-balance shrimp and veggies mixture that made this dish unique.

In regards to the Mahi Mahi? It was deliciously well cooked. It had a perfect amount of fresh spicy flavor that my family and I really enjoyed.

Highly recommended place! Great food, good prices, and a good location that connects you with the beach vibes.