Best Barbecue for Dad...

Father's Day in 2020 was a bit different, compared to other years. Staying at home, wearing masks, keeping certain distance. Regardless of the situation, the day was valid enough to be connected with Dad and be thankful. Be there for him and enjoy the moment.

As planned by my sisters and I, we had a very delicious lunch for Father's Day. We got some delicious barbecued chicken, some awesome pork tenderloins, and some spicy sausages in order to have the best barbecue for Dad.

Remembering all these yummy items on the grill just made me hungry!

We obviously had some side dishes; like corn on a cob, baked potatoes, a mixed greens salad, and some green beans. Indeed, a very festive & delicious mixer made specially for Dad.

There's always something special when cooking or grilling at home, since it's an anti-stress activity. But most importantly, it's an evolutionary act of love and dedication that shows a way of saying I Love You! And this is exactly what my Dad felt during Father's Day. And even more so, there was a special family connection through these specials dishes.

This was certainly the best barbecue for Dad. And it was a great food & family connection. Hope everyone had a great Father's Day celebration.