A Tequeño Snack a Day!

Snacks ... treats ... munchies ...
       ↪  whatever it's called in your country, you will always have them present at a party or any type of social meeting. There will always be one snack that is the favorite to delight and share with others - and for the vast majority of Venezuelans, this favorite snack is the Tequeño. Many consider it the great Venezuelan snack to have each day!

And what is a Tequeño? You may ask...

Some see it as a cheese stick; some others call it a Cheese Finger. For the Venezuelan who loves this bite so much, it is something beyond a simple cheese stick.

What is it made of? It consists of a dough of wheat flour, usually fried, filled with white cheese. This white cheese can usually be Venezuelan white llanero cheese or any other Venezuelan cheese derived from the llanero. And although this bite is served fried, it can also be eaten baked. This last form of cooking adds a juicier and softer touch to this little bite glory.

Despite the fact that tequeño is very popular in Venezuela, it can be said that Colombia has its variation of this bite. Colombians call it cheese finger, olaya finger or cheese stick. And normally the presentation in Colombia can vary in size and these even include a sandwich in the dough, in order to create a sweet-salty mixture with white cheese.

Have you tried the tequeños? If so, let me know what you think. Hopefully it's a snack you can have a day. I would also like to know what is your favorite snack..