Thankful Easter Dinner...

During Easter Sunday, my family and I got a bit creative with the meal.

Normally people will delight themselves with a nice Baked Ham, some Deviled Eggs (very yummy, btw), and your basic potato salad. We just added a bit of a twist and made Cajun-style Turkey, stuffing casserole, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, homemade dinner rolls, and mixed veggies.

A whole Thanksgiving Easter feast indeed...

It may be an odd choice of dishes for this time of the year - but think of it this way: we are greatly thankful we have health and can share with some family members (while keeping a bit of a distance in the house) during this Quarantine Time.

Let's rejoice, let's be grateful, and let's always be creative with our special meals. It's a great way for connecting with your love ones and creating beautiful memories that taste like love.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It will surely be a memorable one do to the distancing, but full of mindfulness.

What did you eat today to celebrate? Was it something unique? Did it have a special meaning for you & your family? Drop some lovely comments in the area below. I'm always excited to know your foodie opinion!

Easter Bunny Cake as a dessert...

Happy Easter, dear Foodies!