Simple Grilling in Time of Isolation

So sometimes it’s a bit impossible to grill a hardy meat
      ↳  Especially when you live in a small apartment with a small balcony area and no fancy grilling machine.

Plus, the isolation doesn’t help much since I can’t go to the Grilling Area in the community where I live.

That is why a simple grilling solution has to come about in order to enjoy, at least, some burgers and hot dogs over the weekend or even a week night.

My solution? Took out my Perfecto Healthy Indoor Grill with Lid by DeLonghi – received as a gift by a wonderful neighbor when I first moved into my apartment – and grilled some yummy burgers and hot dogs.

It was so good, even my dear Lucky (my cute Yorkie dog) was looking for a bit of food.

Sometimes we need to keep it simple in order to enjoy a great meal. There will be more times for awesome grilling.

My dog Lucky asking for some grilled burgers

By the way, after such a nice meal, I had to eat a healthy & delicious dessert: some sweet mangoes! They were soooo good.

Mango pieces for dessert

Hope everyone has been out there grilling some good stuff. It doesn't matter what your grilling experience might be as long as you have creative (and even simple) ideas.

Does anybody have simple grilling ideas to share with me?
I would greatly appreciate them on the comment area and any great ideas
might be share on a future post!


  1. Those burgers look totally delicious, and that hot dog, I'm sure you and your partner enjoyed this weekend a lot

    1. Yes Monica, they were very delicious. I hope you like to grill, too. I appreciate your comment ;)

  2. Grilling is by far my favorite cooking method!

    1. Woohooo! I'm glad that grilling is your favorite cooking method. It's like a rustic culinary art. Thanks for visiting, Enriqueta.

  3. It is true that grilled meat has much more flavor. That burger looks delicious.

    1. Yes María, there's something about grilling that makes meats taste better. Thanks for commenting.


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