Recent Interview - VoyageMIA

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" - Milton Berle.

Recently I had a great opportunity! Something I didn't know would knock on my door.
I was approached by the wonderful people of VoyageMIA for an awesome interview. This was a way to be part of their Local Stories. I was thrill for this great opportunity, indeed.

While doing this interview, it got me thinking of the little steps taken here and there in order to work on this small project. It took me back on what inspires me and what I would love to inspire others. I do find this foodie project to be my baby that will grow up to something greater.

I greatly appreciate this opportunity and give a shout out to the people of VoyageMIA for believing in me.

I surely hope this will be a door that opens up other opportunities. Other chances to grow and achieve greatness in many ways.

Check out the interview by clicking at this link ↦ Meet Mary Leon from Foodie Fun Fair in Fort Lauderdale (interview). Hope you guys like it and feel inspire.