Chocolate Craving

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." - Charles M. Schulz

Love this quote as much as I love chocolate. And during this "Stay At Home" time, I've been craving chocolate a bit more than normal. Plus, I've been wanting to expand a bit my cooking knowledge.

I remembered I had a pure cacao bar refrigerated here at home - a bar I had bought on my visit to the Dominican Republic a while ago.

Call it curiosity or been a bit bored, I had a sudden urge to use that bar and learn how to melt it properly. As I was looking for easy ways to melt it, I found a great article called The Foolproof, Four-Step Method for Melting Chocolate by Real Simple magazine (online magazine).

I must say that the steps were easy to follow!

And the melted cacao? I must admit it melted easily. But since it was a small portion and with a bitter taste (pure cacao always tasted bitter), I decided to mix up some dark chocolate I had in stock. The result? A very delicious melted chocolate!

Melting the pure cacao

Then, I saved the melted chocolate for a delicious dessert. I had several ideas on mind on how to use this melted chocolate. What did I do with it? You must wait and see!

Mixed in some dark chocolate

Any suggestions on how to use it?
All comments are more than welcome!


  1. Ooh this chocolate sounds delicious it would be perfect for a cake, cheesecake or traybake like rocky road!

    1. Yes Sarah, it was a very delicious chocolate. And I do love your suggestions! I gotta try them next time I prepare some desserts based on chocolate.

      I really appreciate your comment ;)


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