A Coffee with a Prize!

A coffee bean
    ↪ something so small yet with such a powerful impact. Once coffee beans are grounded, they have such an awesome aroma. Some may find this next story weird, but I kind of associate the freshly ground coffee smell to my childhood.

   It brings me back to my Grandma's house back in Venezuela, where she had a huge backyard with lots of plants and trees - including a coffee bean plant. She would grow, grind, and brew her own coffee at home ↦ I can just imagine her kitchen with that delicious fresh coffee smell.

   Having this in mind, imagine my fascination once I heard that Eddie from The Yum Yum Foodie had a special giveaway for all coffee ⛾ lovers out there. Part of the prize? A Niche Zero Grinder from the Niche Coffee company - a very beautiful coffee grinder.

   I participated having in mind that I wanted that coffee grinder soooo bad. Just had in mind trying to recreate that coffee smell related to those beautiful childhood memories at my Grandma's kitchen.

The winner was announced about a week ago. And it happened - I won!!!

I recently received my Niche Zero Grinder and had to put it to the test. Even my Mother got excited with this new coffee toy!

The results? Love it sooo much! and the coffee taste? It was unique, very different from ground coffee bought at the market. This new coffee grinder covered my expectations...

This new coffee grinder covered my expectations & some more : great product that helps recreate that coffee aroma I dearly love and it helped enhance my coffee drinking experience.

Do you love the smell of fresh ground coffee?
I hope you do and that it brings you great memories...


  1. you know? I have long wanted a grinder for my coffee and this seems to be convincing me. thank you

    1. The coffee grinder has been an awesome kitchen accessory in my kitchen. I really love it since the freshly ground coffee has a better taste. I really hope you check out Niche Coffee grinders!

  2. There was a coffee grinder in my house when I was little and I can still recall the smell... brings some nice memories

    1. Hello Estefanía, I feel happy that you also relate the fresh coffee smell to your memories. It's always a great association.

  3. We absolutely love our coffee grinders! The smell and flavor of fresh coffee in the morning is the best feeling

  4. Sabes que yo no tomo café, pero me encanta el olor, en especial en las mañanas, está máquina está genial para los amantes del café, para mi suegra sería un buen regalo!


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