Quick Healthy Dish!

So lately I've been curious as to trying new healthy dishes. Pair that to the fact I would love to cook more than usual - learn how to make quick & easy yet satisfying meals.

That is why, while browsing through the aisles of a Whole Foods supermarket, I found something healthy that looked easy to do and it was just the right portion to cover 1 to 2 meals: Cece's Veggie Co Ramen with Chicken broth. It was the right combination of veggie noodles, yummy chicken broth, and a nice portion of protein (a boiled egg).

It surely had the right looks of a full vegetarian meal - something I really don't know if I can fully commit to right now. So I decided to add a bit more protein on the side - small pieces of grilled chicken that I had prepared recently.

As I read the prep instructions, I realized there were two (2) easy ways of cooking this meal: microwave or a conventional way (easy to follow instructions come in the package, by the way). I tried the meal during my lunch break at work so I had to do them on the microwave.

Microwavable veggie noodles? I was really curious as to how that would turn out to be...

It actually turned out pretty delicious!

Although - and this might sound like a bummer - I must admit I had a sweet, funny squash-like taste with the zucchini noodles. But I do have to learn to adjust my taste buds to this new taste and even try new dishes that involve zucchini in any shape of form.

Do I recommend this veggie meal? I surely do! It was a quick, healthy meal that I was able to put together in minutes and even do a slight variation.

And I even am curious now as to do some of the recipes that Cece's Veggie Co has on its website. It could be my thing, who knows?