New Quick Trip!

"Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul" - Jaime Lyn Beatty

2019 Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival

Part of the adventures to fill my soul have been quick trips...

So my last quick trip a few days ago took me to Philadelphia. During my day in this awesome city, I had the chance to visit the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival with some great friends.

This was an unplanned visit, but we had so much fun. First time attending this festival and I was amazed by the number of dynamic lanterns in display. Spent several hours contemplating all the lanterns and enjoying the nice Asian music.

In regards to the food, there were a few Chinese and Thai food vendors. I do apologize I didn't take a picture of my General Tso Chicken and Noodles dish, but I do confirm it was freshly made and delicious beyond words. I wish all Asian restaurants would serve food like that...

It was a very great experience and loved visiting a new place. And Philadelphia was definitely a place I loved visiting.

I need another quick trip to Philadelphia for more foodie experiences and to check out other interesting places from this city. And, as always, need another trip and great food to bring great friends together and enjoy life.

I will be planing new trips soon. Need some of the adventures to fill my soul, especially with some of these quick trips...