A Dashing Brunch...

Nothing is so great on a weekend as to meet with friends and family to eat brunch ⇒ that yummy meal between breakfast and lunch, where every typical breakfast dish is valid for lunch. And it's even better when you join in at great restaurant and that's what I did recently...

Parma Skillet

This past weekend I was with family and we tasted super tasty dishes at First Watch - an American daytime-only restaurant chain that focuses on breakfast and brunch. And from what I heard, it's the largest & fast-growing daytime-only restaurant concept here in the USA.

Best of all, they have a very light touch and even with super vegetarian options 🌱 without losing the original taste of each dish. It's a yummy delight that you can have without feeling guilty.

And not only is the food so good, but all the drinks an refreshing, healthy, and light. Along with you brunch, you can choose from a very hearth-warming coffee to classic brunch drinks and others with a slight twist - like the Morning Meditation Juice I had.

This is a super recommended site, where you can eat 🍽 tasty dishes and have awesome drinks without breaking the wallet.