Pizza Maker Day

The day of the King of the oven has arrived...! The day to celebrate for one of the masters of the most succulent family or individual express dish.

Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash

We celebrate the day of the Pizza Maker!

Today, January 12, several Latin American countries celebrate by the artist of that rich round dish that they have already wanted to transform into square, served by meters, with multiple flavors and combinations and even in the form of a calzone.

The Pizza maker is an important key person in every kitchen; his reference adds a lot of flavor and style to the culinary world. The plate that identifies him, the unique Italian-style pizza, makes him king of the oven. It’s time to celebrate with a pizza full of pineapple and cheese to tropicalize and a lot of sausage for a meaty taste.

How do you like your pizza?