New Year's Eve

Another year has gone by. Today is a day to reflect on what has happened on this 365-day journey: some loses, some gains, some traveling done, great foodie treats - others not so delightful as expected, some knowledge retained, a lot of laughter, a few tears of sorrow, some new friendships plus some old ones reuniting.

It's been a blast of emotions & experiences!

Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

Each year has that to offer us. But it's us who have to learn how to take in all those ups & downs and make some magic with it. We have an opportunity each day to be more kind, humble, and knowledgeable.

So tonight, as you wait for the countdown on this New Year's Eve, think of all the good things you have learned and keep them very close to your heart. As the night ends, just welcome the new New Year with a stronger you - a person who has a strong heart and soul. I wish with all my heart that may this be the motivation for the new 365-day journey that awaits you during 2019.