Travel & Food Thoughts

Travel can be an escape and, most importantly, an eye opener. It is food for the mind 🙆 and soul. A great way to escape the routine and learn about new cultures and other wonders this World has to offer each of us.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

As a travel fanatic and a bit of a newbie in this field, it is really exciting 🙌 to know I will be traveling soon to a place I never been before. My destination? The Dominican Republic!

As a Latina woman, I believe I can relate a little bit to the culture and to the food. But, as mentioned before, traveling there will expand my mind in regards to the Dominican culture and the food.

As a humble traveling newbie, I have a few ideas on how to plan, organize, and tackle this trip. Ideas that can help me learn more & taste more without going crazy with a loaded agenda.

Some of these good ideas are:

  • When visiting a place, locate yourself in a central area - whether you stay at a friend's house or book a hotel room, stay in a place that is centrally located inside the town/city you are visiting. This will give you traveling options inside the area; whether you can walk to a nice restaurant or just take a quick taxi to a major museum, being centrally located gives you easy access to site seeing areas.
  • Ask friends who are locals to give you a heads-up on some restaurants and other places to visit - this research can give you a more soulful result.
  • When deciding the country/town/city you are traveling to, pick 2 or 3 unusual places to visit - for example, there is no need to assume that the Dominican Republic only has beaches to hang out at. There are other cool places to do site seeing.
  • Eat typical dishes at restaurants where locals eat - it would be a bummer to be at the Dominican Republic and eat at McDonald's© everyday, don't you think? Plus, one of the best things about travels is to find & taste unique dishes that the country offers.
  • Do not overload your agenda - sometimes you want to see everything, but most probably high quantity of visits can extremely lower the quality of each visit.
These are the ideas I will follow on my new journey. It will be a way to get out of the routine while learning new cultural things, eating new dishes, getting to know the locals, and just embracing quality moments. I invite you to embrace these ideas and travel away!