Awesome Last-Minute Labor Day Trip

This past Labor Day I took a very short trip to Fort Myers – the most western part of Florida I’ve been to. It was a 2-day trip I took with my parents and my cute little pet, named Lucky.

On last minute trips like this one, what’s better: strict schedule or go with the flow? In my opinion, just go with the flow when it comes to short trips like this one. I believe you stress less and get to enjoy more of the sightseeing and get to notice things a bit better.

During the 2-day trip, I drove much, I did much, I saw much – all by just going with the flow!

I dared to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers (even though it rained a bit) but surely enjoyed the ride. The natural not-so-beach scenery was great and it made me think of other natural sceneries I would love to see. Got to the hotel and went straight to the pool to do some laps and later to the Jacuzzi to relax a bit. This gave me some energy, believe or not?!

Afterwards, my parents & I got ready to go out. We headed out to Fort Myers Beach to watch the west coast waters. During the ride, a thought came to mind: the sea - on it, in it or stay on dry land? I am a fan of going in it. There’s nothing like sea water and the beach atmosphere since it’s relaxing and charges you with great energy. Unfortunately, I had to stay on dry land due to the red tide going around Florida’s coastlines.

I spent a few hours walking around the boardwalk and enjoying everything around it. All the colorful buildings and very picturesque restaurants. Afterwards, went to have dinner by the sea while enjoying some great live music – until nature made us run for shade due to some more rain. Although I just went with flow and finish eating with some rain and just simply enjoying the music.

Went back to the hotel and called it a night…

The next day, after a nice breakfast served at the hotel, I had to hit the pool and Jacuzzi again. Very nice combination!

We headed out to Downtown Historic District of Fort Myers. It took a while to get there but I must admit that it was worth it. This area has a great historical vibe and it’s very well preserved.

After a halfway afternoon of sightseeing during Labor Day, it was time to head back home. As sunny as Florida can be, it can get very rainy at the worst moments – like when you are driving back home. The hour-and-40min drive turned into almost 2½ hours, but I just went with the flow and even tried to enjoy the heavy rain. It was all part of the adventure!

One interesting question you may be asking: was there something good you ate during the quick stay? And the answer is Yes, there was! I did eat a few things here and there for breakfast and lunch, but those meals can’t compare to the awesome seafood dinner I had a local restaurant called Pete’s Time Out – located near the Fort Myers Beach. I was craving seafood and got a little piece of seafood paradise with the grilled Mahi Mahi served with a side of green beans and a side of mashed potatoes. The Mahi Mahi was a chunky piece of fish, lightly seasoned and just grilled to perfection. Squeezed some fresh lemon on top of it and…Voilá! It was absolutely delicious. The freshness of the fish and the sides was simply amazing. Just thinking about it, makes my mouth water…

Believe or not, I took this quick trip to escape the daily routine. And this made me ponder: what's the most interesting thing learnt during this quick escape? That we definitely need to be a bit bolder and try something new, without so many strict plans. Just going with the flow and enjoying every detail lived during that moment.