Learn & Eat

Nothing brings good people together like good food - although if you add a nice hour of learning a few things about Content Strategy, it is also a good way of bringing people together. And this is exactly what happened last Saturday June 16th at Cibo Wine Bar (South Beach) thanks to the South Florida Bloggers group.

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day down at South Beach. Perfect for a meetup!

The meetup was really nice; the theme of the event was: Secrets to Content Planning. The guest speaker was seasoned blogger, Amber Kemp-Gerstel - who spoke about creating great content plan, strategies for scheduling posts, and how to give quality content.

Great hour full of tips and suggestions...
It was an hour on learning and great interaction.

The best thing afterwards? Being in an awesome restaurant like Cibo Wine Bar and enjoy great buffet-style food and wine. I really fell in love with this Italian restaurant. The environment is bold but chic at the same time; the inside layout has an awesome balance of old time rustic look and a modern European chic look.

The food? It was a brunch full of yummy treats, delicious food, great drinks, and good desserts. This place delivers the classic Italian taste in a very bountiful buffet. Everything is just superb!

I wanted to taste everything! The variety of treats & food was just amazing. I had a few bits and I admit I want to go back very soon to keep on tasting all these Italian treats.

And talk about the wine selection...
A whole wall with a giant wine rack, full of bottles. It's like a wine paradise. It's very curious how they have a woman suspended in mid-air by hydraulic lifts, that help her go up and down. Very curious but awesome view.

This is a must-go restaurant when you visit South Florida - specially if you're coming from out of state. I can't wait to go again!

Learn...eat food...great gathering!