My 1st Foodie Event

So I've been following a great foodie online community called FoodieChats for the past 6 months or so. It's a place where all foodies come together to meet, network & chat - which by the way, take place every Monday at 8pm on Twitter; read more on this post I recently wrote.

Invite promo by FoodieChats
During the last few weeks, they have been celebrating their anniversary in different cities across the USA. On Thursday May 9th 2018, they made their last stop to celebrate their actual 7th year anniversary here in Miami - the place where it all started back on May 9th 2011 with a single tweet.

When I heard of this event, I was very curious about it. I had never been to an actual foodie event before. But how can I say NO to food & fun?

I was surprised to get an actual invite from Steve Green - Founder/CEO of the FoodieChats community. It was an exciting invite.

So last Thursday, after work, I went to Miami Beach for this event. It took place at Ricky's South Beach - a very unique bar & eatery with a retro twist atmosphere.

The Food --> from small subs to tacos, not leaving behind the chips & fresh guacamole. All with such great taste - my taste buds were very happy.

Desserts --> this was more than a dessert; it was a very unique treat. Because thanks to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, everyone's sweet tooth had a blissful eating moment. My favorite was the Chips Ahoy doughnut; I highly recommended.

The Drinks --> the drinks made by bartenders at Ricky's were very tropical and unique, indeed. I had a Gin & Juice and it was delicious. I saw other drinks and they looked just awesome. There was good wine & champagne offered by Norwegian Cruise Line (one of the great companies behind this event).

Some of the goodness during the FoodieChats event

The Event Overall --> it was something very awesome. Besides the tons of food & drinks, the people gave a great vibe. And Steve and the crew behind the FoodieChats community had great anecdotes to share with the crowd - including a recent proclamation done by the City of Miami Beach; now May 9th will be known as FoodieChats Day in this area.

It was a nice event and I would love to attend to more events like this one. I would definitely like to mingle some more and meet great people that share the same food passion.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had! FoodieChats is a great community that has introduced me to lots of like-minded people. It's nice to have such wonderful brethren : ) Thanks for sharing your experiences at this event.

    1. Hello Flavorful World Food and Drink
      I greatly appreciate your visit & comment. And yes, FoodieChats has been the best! It's a great online community where I have learned and met nice foodies. Hope to hear more from you.


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