Making a Birthday Foodie List

"I get way too much happiness from good food" Elizabeth Olsen, American actress.

A great meal can always make people smile. Why could this be? Well, there's something special about good food: yummy seasoning, well-balanced portion, and an unique combination of flavors.

I want to make a small list for my birthday with dishes, drinks, and desserts that have this perfect combination. A list I could try during this month of May and maybe a few days afterwards,

I want to feel happiness from good food. And not only the good food & drinks, but also the great people around me that share and enjoy the food with me.

I want to create a small list of yummy food that I can have for the 1st time during my birthday this month. It will be a great way to treat myself, be happy, and share new foodie experiences with great friends and family members.

In order to create this list, I would  love to hear from all foodie readers out there. What is that unique dish you like? What makes it special? Does it have a perfect balance between seasonings, soulfulness, and happiness?

Let's share the good food & be happy about it...