Welcome to this blog!

Welcome to Foodie Fun Fair, a foodie virtual journal.

This is blog is dedicated to all foodie fans out there, who are young at heart and enjoy food, fun places where to find it, and any fair details related.

This blog was born out of my hobby as a blogger and my love for food and any fun places to visit out there. It will be my virtual journal into exploring food and exchanging thoughts, yummy ideas, and anything fairly foodie in between.

The main topic in this blog will be food review. You will see random posts about foods I’ve eaten and my honest thoughts about them. Secondly, I will also write about fun places and restaurants. These are fun places that I like or have visited because other people have suggested them. Finally, there will be fairly related posts here and there with food facts that I would like to share.

As random as these posts topics may be, they will be a way to express what I love. It will be also a way to interact and here what other foodie fans think about. It will be a way to express and learn yummy things. This foodie journey might be told in both English and Spanish, this is a way to expand the foodie love beyond language barrier…

It’s always great to start a new journey and hear from others. I invite all foodie & fun lovers to read more, subscribe to this blog, and definitely come back for more in the future.

Good eats, everyone!