Stranger Foodie Treats

Well, as many of you may know, last Friday was the premiere of Stranger Things 2 (the second season of Stranger Things tv show) on Netflix (love you, Netflix). Anyways, as I was watching the 1st episode, I thought to myself: I need some perfect munchies while watching this. As I share my thought through Twitter - I'm at @marole - one tweet popped-up with a very yummy treat: chocolate cupcakes with waffle and M&M's candies.

Picture by Michelle @iMichelleNunez in Twitter

This is a great treat that clearly relates to the show - you know? Eleven likes waffles...

Another great treat I found was a pop-corn treat that a friend made up. It's a combination of popcorn, small marshmallows, chopped almonds, and chopped pecans --- you can add a pinch of honey to make it sweeter.

Pop-corn treat

These great treats to munch on while watching Stranger Things. Create these treats and enjoy the munchies while binge-watching this awesome, creepy show. Good eats, everyone!